Student Contribution Loan Full-time undergraduate, tuition fee and living cost students

1. What is it?

It's a loan to help pay the fee costs charged by universities in the Republic of Ireland

This funding is only available to tuition fee and living cost students who are studying an eligible course in the Republic of Ireland.

Your university or college should be able to tell you if your course is eligible for this funding.

University and colleges in the Republic of Ireland don't charge undergraduate tuition fees however most will require students to pay an annual Student Contribution Fee. A Student Contribution Loan is funding to help with the cost of this Student Contribution Fee.

If your application is successful your Student Contribution Loan is paid to your university or college on your behalf.

You can apply for a Student Contribution Loan on its own or alongside any other available finance as part of your student finance application each year.

The quickest way to apply is to sign into your student finance account

Student Universal Support Ireland (SUSI)

Some students studying in the Republic of Ireland may be able to get a grant from Student Universal Support Ireland (SUSI). This grant is non-repayable. You may wish to speak with SUSI before applying for a loan from Student Finance NI.

If you are unable to get a grant from SUSI you can apply for a loan from Student Finance NI. You can also apply to Student Finance NI for any additional available finance even if you will receive a grant from SUSI.

You can’t get funding from both SUSI and Student Finance NI for the same purpose, so if you’re getting funding from SUSI for your contribution fee, you cannot also get funding towards the contribution fee from Student Finance NI.

The deadline for applying to Student Finance NI is 9 months from the first day of your academic year.

Does it need to be paid back?

Yes - Student Contribution Loans are repaid. Interest is charged on any amount borrowed from the date the first payment is made to your university or college.

As part of your student finance agreement, you must keep us up to date with any changes to your course or personal details as these can affect your funding, including how much you have to repay and when.

Find out more

The following pages will explain who can get this loan, how much you can get, how and when to apply and how it's paid

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