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1. Changes to your information or circumstances

Tell us if anything changes

Changes can affect your student finance and your repayments. It’s part of your student finance agreement to keep us up to date with correct information and contact details until your loan is repaid in full or cancelled.

What is considered a change

Things like:

  • changing your course
  • going from full-time study to part time study, or the other way around
  • transferring to a different university or college
  • changing your intensity of study, if you’re part-time
  • withdrawing from your course
  • suspending your studies due to an illness, bereavement or similar situation

We also need to be able to get in contact with you, and pay you, so tell us if you:

  • change your name
  • change address
  • move overseas for 3 months or longer
  • want to update your contact information, for example your telephone number or email address
  • want to update bank or building society information

Changes can affect your finances and repayments

Changes to your course and living arrangements could affect what types of funding you can get and how much.

Keeping us up to date means:

  • we can perform any reassessments as needed
  • you'll avoid or reduce possible overpayments
  • ensure you’re getting as much student finance as you’re entitled to.

If you've finished your studies you still need to tell us about any changes.

Tell us as soon as possible

As soon as possible. The earlier you tell us the sooner we can update your account with the new information.

How to tell us

The quickest way to update your information is through your student finance account

Undergraduate tuition fee only students

You should contact the Student Finance Services Team. 

Keep your information up to date until your loan is repaid

You must keep your information up to date until your balance is repaid in full or has been cancelled. Even after you finish your studies.

There's more information in our Guide to Terms and Conditions and on our repayment guide on GOV.UK

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