Disabled Students' Allowance Full-time undergraduate, tuition fee and living cost students

5. How it's paid

Who we pay

We'll either make payments to you or where possible we'll pay your supplier directly.

You'll need a UK bank or building society account in your own name. If you do not have one when you apply, you'll need to get an account and let us know the details before we'll release any payments.

Your Disabled Students' Allowance Entitlement letter

If your application for Disabled Students' Allowance is approved you'll receive a letter which details what you're getting, how much you'll get and when to expect your payments. This is called your Disabled Students' Allowance Entitlement letter.

If you're also applying for any other student finance this won't show on your Disabled Students' Allowance Entitlement letter you'll get another letter called a

Notification of Entitlement letter showing any other student finance. You can also view this information in your student finance account.

You should always read and keep these letters. Make sure you understand your entitlement and what this means to you.

Reassessments can affect your funding

If your circumstances change, this can result in a reassessment of your student finance so it's very important that you keep us up to date with any changes. If you've been paid too much based on the change, you will have to repay this overpayment

We'll work out your new entitlement based on the change and send an updated Notification of Entitlement letter.

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