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3. Overpayment following a reassessment

What is an overpayment?

This means you've been paid more than you were entitled to and now need to pay back the amount overpaid. 

How overpayments happen

When we work out how much student finance you can get, this amount is based the assumption that you will attend your course for the full academic year and on any information or estimates you have provided.

If this information is inaccurate, incorrect or your circumstances change this can affect the amount of student finance you're due. If you've already been paid an amount you are no longer due - this results in an overpayment.

Some of the more common reasons for an overpayment

These include:

  • withdrawing or suspending your studies before the end of your academic year
  • a difference between your estimated childcare costs and your actual costs
  • a difference between your estimated household income and your actual household income

Financial hardship because of an overpayment

If an overpayment will leave you in difficult financial circumstances speak to your local Student Finance NI office immediately. They can help with advice about financial and personal matters associated with hardship, including recommendations for other sources of financial help.

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