Travel Grant Full-time undergraduate, tuition fee and living cost students

5. How it's paid

How it works

If you're able to get a Travel Grant, you pay the upfront costs of your travel and then submit a Travel Grant Claim form to request reimbursement for these costs (minus the first £309).

You can download a Travel Grant Claim form using our form finder, remember to get the correct form for your academic year of study.

Who we pay

A Travel Grant payment is paid directly into your bank account after a claim is submitted and processed.

You do not need to wait for your student finance payment to submit a claim.

You'll need a UK bank or building society account in your own name. We will not pay it into anyone else's account. If you do not have an account when you apply, you'll need to get one and let us know the details before we'll release any payments.

Acceptable claims

Acceptable claims may include up to 3 return journeys between your UK or ROI institution and the overseas institution or the ERASMUS+, Turing Scheme or Taith placement.

The class and method of travel should be deemed reasonable, for example you should travel in standard economy class - not business class.

We will consider claims where no standard economy seats were available or instances where an alternative ticket type could not be avoided.

If you don't know your return dates and want to buy an Economy Flex fare (not Plus) you should let us know when submitting your claim.

Other acceptable claims may include:

  • any necessary daily travel costs while abroad for the for the purposes of attending the institution
  • travel costs for the dependent child or children of a single student, where the students has to take their child or children abroad with them
  • childcare while abroad - the childcare provider must be approved by the Ministry of Defence accreditation scheme
  • travel costs associated with clinical training, where student has to attend a hospital or other premises outside of their institution in the UK
  • the cost of medical insurance bought for the purpose of studying abroad
  • the cost of visas and medical tests where these are a mandatory condition of entry to the host country
  • the cost of any required vaccinations recommended

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