Course Grant Part-time undergraduate, tuition fee and living cost students

3. How much can I get?

How much Course Grant you can get depends on your individual circumstances

The only way to know exactly how much you'll get is to apply, but you could get up to £265.

You'll be asked to submit your household income information

As part of your application you'll be asked to give your household income information. Depending on your circumstances your partner may also need to provide their income information. We'll tell you who needs to provide this information and how they can do it.

Maximum available

Academic year

Maximum Course Grant available

2024 to 2025

Up to £265

2023 to 2024

Up to £265

Your household income affects the grant amount available

Household income

Course Grant available

Below £26,029


Between £26,030 and £28,066

£265 minus £1 for every £9.47 of your remaining income over £26,030



£28,068 or more

No grant , your household income is too high to qualify

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