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3. Keeping us up to date

Keep your account up to date even after you finish your studies

As part of your student finance agreement you need to keep us up to date with current information until your loan is fully repaid or cancelled.

This includes your personal details such as your name and address details and your employment information, specifically if you're planning to work overseas.

Changes can affect your repayments

If we do not know how to contact you:

  • we cannot contact you if there’s any issue with your repayments
  • we cannot tell you if you’re close to overpaying your loan balance so you might end up paying more than you should

If you're working overseas, tell us before you go

If you've moved overseas and we do not know your employment status you may be made to repay a higher amount each month than you need to. There's more information about working overseas after your studies on our Student Loan Repayment site.

How to tell us

The quickest way to update your information is through your student finance account

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