We Have Updated our Guidance on Eligible Residency Criteria

07 May 2020

We have provided clearer information on our eligible residency criteria so you can easily understand if you are eligible. This updated guidance is for those who have been granted ‘leave to enter or remain’ in the UK and can prove a long connection to living in the UK.


This includes: 

  • people who are under 18 when their course begins and have lived in the UK for the 7 years before their course begins
  • people over 18 who have lived in the UK for half their life or more than 20 years


To qualify for student finance with this eligibility criteria, you must also meet the other residency criteria. Please read this carefully before applying. 


The Department for the Economy plans to update the Student Support Regulations as soon as possible to clarify this fully. Until the Student Support Regulations are updated, the Student Finance NI office will assess applications for student support in line with these updated criteria.

Last modified: 07 May 2020