2020 to 2021 academic year postgraduate forms

Forms to apply for student finance, update your application or provide additional information. Read the form descriptions to make sure you complete the correct form. Sending the incorrect form could delay your application.

Application Forms

Apply for student finance

The following forms are to apply for your full or part-time postgraduate student finance.

New student applications

Download and complete the PGLA form below. Alternatively you can apply through your student finance account.

Continuing student applications

Download and complete the AFC form if you're an continuing student applying for postgraduate finance for your next year of study. Alternatively you can apply online through your student finance account.

Forms to support your application

As part of your application for student finance you may be told to complete one or more of the following forms.

Change of Circumstances

Let us know about any changes as soon as you can

Keeping your information up to date is part of your finance agreement. You may be able to update your information on your student finance account, check this first.

Use this form to tell us if you've:

  • changed your name or address
  • changed university or college
  • changed course
  • changed from full-time to part-time study
  • left your course or suspended your studies
  • your course tuition fee amount has changed

Once we know about your change we'll write to you to let you know how this affects your entitlement.

Changing your finance

Changing how much you'd like to borrow

The following form is used to make changes to your initial application or add additional finance. You may be able to make these changes through your student finance account.

Disability Forms

Students with a learning difficulty, health problem or disability

The following forms are used to apply for Disabled Students' Allowances (DSAs). DSAs are available if you have a disability, physical disability, long-term health condition, mental-health condition or specific learning difficulty.

Claiming reimbursement for Disabled Students' Allowance related costs

If you're eligible for Disabled Students' Allowances you may need to also complete the following form during the academic year to claim back for purchases made in relation to your DSAs.

Return Address

All postgraduate forms should be returned to:

Student Finance NI
Ballee Centre
Ballee Road West
BT42 2HS