Applications for 2015/16 available now!
Applications for 2015/16 available now!
Birth Certificates or Adoption Certificates for evidence
Repayment Calculator
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Forms and guides for EU students 2015/16

If you are a student from an EU country studying in Northern Ireland, and you started your course in 2015/16, you can download the application forms and guidance notes for student finance here.

Full-time EU students – Tuition Fee Loan

The form you need to apply for a Tuition Fee Loan as a full-time EU student depends on whether you’re a new student or a continuing student.

New full-time students – use form EU15N

New students should also use the certifier checklist to provide the details of the person who is certifying your evidence. This form should be returned with the completed EU15N form.

Continuing full-time students - forms will be available later in the year

Full-time EU students: changing how much Tuition Fee Loan you’ve applied for

If you want to change the amount of loan you applied for, use the Tuition Fee Loan request form.

If your course, income or family circumstances change

Tell the Student Finance Services European Team if your course, income or family circumstances change as this can affect what you're entitled to.

Full-time students can do this using form EUCO1. Part-time students should contact the Student Finance Services European Team.

Evidence required

All new students will have to send evidence to prove their identity. If you are a part-time student you will also need to send evidence of your household income and your marital status.

The documents needed as evidence of income will vary according to each EU country.

Student loans: terms and conditions

For information about how loans are repaid and when and how you start repaying them, see the terms and conditions.