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Part-time students in academic year 2016/17

Information can also be found on the support available to part-time students in 2015/16.

What support is available?

As a part-time undergraduate student, who is studying at least 50% of an equivalent full-time course, you can apply for grants to help with the costs of your study.

The amount of Fee Grant and Course Grant available to you depends on your:

  • course intensity
  • household income

Course Intensity

Course intensity is how long it takes to complete your part-time course compared to the equivalent full-time course. You should check the course intensity with your university or college each year.

The table below sets out the maximum Fee Grant and Course Grant you may get in academic year 2016/17 based on course intensity.

Intensity of Study Maximum Fee Grant Maximum Course Grant Maximum total support available
50% - 59% of the full time course £820 £265 £1085
60% to 74% of the full-time course £985 £265 £1250
75% or more £1230 £265 £1495

Household income

How much you get is also affected by your income and/or your partner’s income. As household income increases the Fee Grant will be reduced then the Course Grant.

Household income Fee Grant Course Grant
£16,842 or below Maximum based on course intensity £265
£16,843 - £25,420 Reducing as income increases £265
£25,421 - £26,029 £0 £265
£26,030 - £28,067 £0 Reducing as income increases
£28,068 or over £0 £0

The “Household income” figures assume you are single with no children. When each of the following apply, these figures will increase by:

  • £2000, when a partner is counted;
  • £2000, where a child dependent is included; and
  • £1000, for each additional child dependent.

For example, if you have two dependent children then all of the “Household income” thresholds would increase by £3000. Therefore the maximum Fee Grant and Course Grant would be payable if you earned on or under £19,842.

Fee Grant

The Fee Grant is paid directly to your university or college. You do not have to pay this back.

There are three different rates of Fee Grant depending on how intensive your course is.
For example, if you study at a rate equivalent to 75% of a full-time course, you could qualify for a higher Fee Grant than if you were studying at a rate equivalent to 50% of a full-time course.

Course Grant

Part time students can also apply for a Course Grant of up to £265 to cover the cost of books, travel and other course-related expenses. Your entitlement for this grant is also based on your household income.

You are not entitled to apply for this help if:

  • You already have a degree
  • You are on a part-time teacher-training course (although you may qualify for full-time support)

The Course Grant is paid directly to you and does not have to be paid back.

Support for part-time students with disabilities

If you are a part-time student with a disability, you may be eligible to apply for Disabled Students' Allowances

Type of allowance Maximum amount
Non-medical personal helper £15,703
Major items of specialist equipment £5,266
Other disability-related expenditure £1,319

The equipment allowance is for the duration of the course. The other two allowances are annual amounts.

How to apply for part-time support

You can download copies of the application and our guidance books from the forms and guides page.
It is not currently possible to apply for part-time support through our online service.