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Forms and guides 2016/17

The forms and guides below are for full-time undergraduate students applying for the academic year 2016/17.

Other forms and guides are available from:

Returning Your Completed Forms

You should send your completed forms to your EA regional office. To identify your EA regional office and to find their contact details please refer to the EA finder.

The forms and guides on this page are provided in Portable Document Format (PDF). To view this you will require Adobe Acrobat Reader.
available for free download.

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2016/17 Full-time students

These guidebooks provide detailed information on all aspects of the financial support available:

Students wishing to apply for support should complete the following forms:

New Students

Birth Certificates or Adoption Certificates for evidence

We recommend that you send in your original Birth or Adoption Certificate for evidence.

You must also complete and return the form below

This form contains two separate declarations. The 'Applicant's Declaration of Identity' must be signed by the student to confirm their identity. The 'Identity Confirmation Form' is to verify your identity and must be completed by a person of good standing in the community who has known you for at least two years.
Please read the ‘Acceptable countersignatures’ section for a complete list of eligible people.

Please note: this person must be currently in employment, and they must supply a phone number for their place of work.

Continuing Students

Loan Request Forms

For students who have already applied for support and now wish to amend either the amount of Maintenance Loan or Tuition Fee Loan they requested:

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Disabled Students' Allowances

If you have completed or are completing your application for Student Finance and you also want to apply for Disabled Students' Allowances, you should complete the slimline version of the DSA1 form.

If you are applying for Disabled Students' Allowances only, a postgraduate student or if you are studying your course by distance learning you must complete the full version of the DSA1 form.

If you want to claim for expenses you’ve already paid out, fill in a 'Claim form for reimbursement of costs through Disabled Students' Allowances'.

Change of Circumstance

Missing Signature

Missing signature - complete this form if you did not sign your paper application, when you applied for student finance:

Childcare Grant

Information on all aspects of financial support, including the Childcare Grant, for student parents:

Special Support Grant

The Special Support Grant pays up to £3,475 depending on your household income and is intended to help with additional course related costs such as books, equipment, travel or childcare.

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Parents, husbands, wives and partners of students

If you are supporting a student during their studies, you may require these forms:

To provide your financial information in support of a student's application (where it has not been provided on the main application form):

If you have been asked to provide financial information in support of an application and completed a paper tax return for 2014-15, you may find the following guide useful.

Current Year Assessment

To apply to be assessed on income details for the current financial year because your household income has dropped by at least 5% since 2014-15:

Missing Signature

Missing signature - complete this form if you did not sign the paper form when you supported a student's application for finance:

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