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Repayment of Postgraduate Tuition Fee Loan

You have to repay any loan you borrow, including the interest charged, but not until the April after you’ve finished or left your course and your income is over the repayment threshold, which is currently £17,775 per year, £1,481 a month, or £341 a week. The repayment threshold amount changes on 6 April every year.

How much you’ll repay

Once your income is over the current repayment threshold, you’ll repay 9% of your income above this.

For example:

  • You earn £3,000 a month before tax. This is £1,519 over the monthly threshold of £1,481. You’ll repay £136 (9% of £1,519) each month.

  • You earn £800 a week before tax. This is £459 over the weekly threshold of £341. You’ll repay £41 (9% of £ 459) each week.

If your income is below the repayment threshold, you won’t have to make any repayments.

If you leave your course early you may need to repay any overpaid amount. The amount of loan which is overpaid will be exempt from the earning threshold and will be due as soon as possible.

If you’re repaying an undergraduate student loan, and are also repaying a Postgraduate Tuition Fee Loan, a single payment of 9% above the repayment threshold will be taken each month/week. That means that a single deduction totalling 9% will be taken, not two separate deductions.

If you’re employed while you study your postgraduate course, and already have a loan from your undergraduate course which is in repayment, you will still continue to have deductions if you’re over the repayment threshold for this loan.


You’ll be charged interest from the day we make the first payment to your university until the loan is repaid in full or cancelled.

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