Additional support available in 2017/18

You can also find information about the financial support available in 2016/17.

There are extra sources of support available in certain circumstances if you are a full-time student:

Loans for extra attendance in the academic year

You can get an extra amount of income assessed loan to cover each extra week you have to be in full time attendance on your course above 30 term time weeks and 3 days. If you have to be on the course for 45 weeks or more in any 12 month period, you will get an extra amount of loan as if you were studying for 52 weeks.

The most you can get each week depends on where you live while studying. The amounts are as follows:

Amount of loan available for each extra week
Parental Home £55
London £108
Elsewhere £84
Overseas £117

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If you have to pay extra travel costs as a result of your course

If you are attending;

  • a course in medicine or dentistry and you have to attend for clinical training at a place in the UK or Republic of Ireland other than your normal place of attendance
  • an educational institution outside the UK or for at least 50% of each term.

You can apply for a means tested grant towards reasonable costs for travel to and from:

  • the place in the UK or Republic of Ireland where your clinical training takes place for medical and dental students; or
  • the country you have to go to if you are studying abroad.

The grant for travel costs is equal to the amount you reasonably have to pay less the first £309 less any means tested household contribution. Your EA regional office will decide whether the costs you have to pay are reasonable.

If you have to go to a college outside the UK or Republic of Ireland, for at least 50% of the term and you have to take out medical insurance, you can also get help to cover the cost of the insurance. The grant for medical insurance is equal to the amount of the premium.

All assistance is income assessed and is paid directly to you. If you have claimed non income assessed support you will not be eligible to claim travel expenses.

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Support Funds (Northern Ireland Institutions)

These are available through your college and provide help for students on lower income who may need extra financial support for their course in order to remain in higher education. The funds can meet particular course and living costs which are not already being met from other grants and can help if students are experiencing financial hardship. Payments are usually given as grants and do not have to be repaid, although sometimes they can be given as short-term loans. Your university or college will also decide whether to pay you in a lump sum or in instalments.

You will be assessed by your university or college based on your individual needs. However, the following groups of students are a priority for help from the Support Funds:

  • Students with children, especially lone parents
  • Other mature students, especially those with existing financial commitments
  • Students from lower income families
  • Disabled students who are not in receipt of Disabled Students' Allowances
  • Students who have been in care
  • Students from Foyers or who are homeless
  • Students in their final year

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Support Funds for UK universities and colleges outside Northern Ireland

There are schemes similar to Support Funds at UK universities and colleges outside Northern Ireland. Students should contact their university or college Student Welfare advisor for further information.

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Other sources of financial help

Various other sources of financial help for specific student groups or types of courses are available:

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