How much will university cost?

You’ll need to think about tuition fees and living costs when you go to university or college

Tuition Fees

As a new full-time student starting your course from August 2017, the maximum tuition fee you can be charged in the academic year 2017/18 is:

  • £4,030 if you study in Northern Ireland, and
  • up to £9,250 if you study elsewhere in the United Kingdom.

The actual amount you are charged can vary depending on your choice of university or college or course. Your university or college can confirm the exact amount you will be charged for your course.

You can get a loan to help you pay up to the full cost of the tuition fees you need to pay.

Living costs

There are many costs associated with going to university, such as:

  • Accommodation costs
  • Food
  • Clothing
  • Books
  • Travel expenses

To help you with these costs you might be able to get a Maintenance Grant, which you don’t need to pay back, and a Maintenance Loan, which you do.

Extra help

There is also extra help available for students with children or adults who depend on them financially and students who have disabilities.